DCCC Discusses Online Therapy

Grace Feeney, Senior Communitarian Reporter

Photo by Kat Smith

(Oct. 31, Marple Campus) The Not Your Mother’s Therapy Zoom workshop will be held place on Nov. 17 at 11:10 a.m. Career Counselors Ruth Morganto and Stephanie Sarafinas will present the pros and cons of online therapy.

The counselors will discuss how to connect with an online therapist and various apps that support mental health. 

The end of the workshop will be reserved for open discussion. Students can ask questions, voice concerns, and receive feedback from their peers.

Not Your Mother’s Therapy aims to create a dialogue at DCCC about mental health. Morganto said, “Far too many people struggle silently.”

The workshop’s goal is to break that silence. “We hope this program encourages students to ask for the assistance they need.”

Above all, the counselor is excited to hear students’ ideas and opinions. “I’m looking forward to sharing resources with students. I hope they join me!” 

Students can register for the Zoom event using the link below. https://dccc.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMtcu2uqDooHtLDlR8x0l1ib0bT5e_0QSD0 

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