Registration for Spring 2023 Has Started

Amy Rodriguez Miller, Communitarian Staff Writer

Photo by Andrea Piacquadiotour

     Registration for Spring 2023 has started for current DCCC students. First-time and new-to-college students can start to register Nov. 7. Registration ends Jan. 13.

Advisors and counselors are available by phone, virtually, and in person at all college locations. Advising appointments assist students in maximizing their registration experience, and early registration ensures students get the classes that fit their schedule. 

The full semester 14-week Spring 2023 classes are from Jan. 19. to May 9. The seven-week semester, Session A, begins Jan. 19 and ends March 8, just before the college goes on Spring Break. Then session B starts on March 23and ends May 8. The seven-week courses have the same number of credits as regular full-semester classes, although the seven-week courses are more intense versions of the full-semester equivalent. 

Be sure to check pre-requisites for courses, especially electives. Classes fill up fast, so see an advisor or counselor to get all questions answered. Visit: 

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