MUS 141 Intro to Music Technology

Ethan Ubina, Communitarian Staff Writer 

(Nov. 3) DCCC will introduce Intro to Music Technology (MUS 141) in the 2023 Spring semester on Marple campus. The course will familiarize students on how to use computers and peripheral electronic equipment to make music. 

          The class is open to all students and will be instructed by Professor Richard Belcastro. “MUS 141 is the first course being offered as we build to a degree program in Music and Recording Technology.”  

The course will explore creating and editing audio files within a digital environment. Professor Belcastro is excited in helping ”the creativity of our students and assisting them in realizing their ideas.“ Professor Belcastro notes that even small projects can make room for student’s artistic expression. 

Students who are new to music may benefit from taking MUS 101 Fundamentals of Music, but it is not a prerequisite. Professor Belcastro said, “It is generally my recommendation that all students considering music courses enroll in MUS 101 first or concurrently if they have no previous background.”

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