Therapy Online Event at DCCC

Amy Rodriquez Miller, Communitarian Staff Writer

(Oct. 20) Not Your Mother’s Therapy, an online event, help students decide what type of therapy or mental health platform might be beneficial. 

     The online event being held Nov. 17, at 11:10 a.m. hosted by Senior Adjunct Counselor Ruth Morganto and Professor and Counselor Stephanie Sarafinas, LPC. The event will include general information, tips and tricks on how to help manage stress and anxiety with the use of online apps and platforms. 

Ms. Morganto said, “There are a plethora of help and information available. We will talk about how to choose what program or platform is right for you.” 

    Due to the virtual nature of the hour-long presentation, participants do not have to turn on their cameras display a name. 

To register for event, visit

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