Indifferently opinionated

By Shannon Reardon

Thinking back on the last election when Barack Obama was up against Mitt Romney, I can remember lying in bed with my mom watching the votes tally. I remember feeling afraid, what kind of post-apocalyptic would we be living in?

It’s sad to say that now, four years later, I’m wishing for a world where Romney was vying to be our president.

I’m wishing that Obama would take the podium, tell the country that he isn’t leaving office, and then drop mic once more.

Instead though, I’m sitting here wondering which of the two political lunatics would be not as bad for this country: who will be least likely to get us killed.

Who am I to be this critical? I am not a politician, nor an avid follower of political issues.

I am, however, a person who gets choked up when they play the National Anthem at sports games.

I am the person who will go and thank the men and women of military branches for their service.

I am proud to be a citizen of the United States, and that is my qualification to be hyper critical of the circus disguising itself as an election.

Of Trump’s ideas, this “wall” we keep hearing about is highly improbable and unrealistic, both in construction and in upkeep. By the end of Trump’s four-year term, that wall would most likely resemble the wall between NBC’s “Parks and Recreations’” towns Pawnee and Eagleton: covered in obscene graffiti and filled with bees.

Then we have Clinton.

I have had the same email address since I was 11 years-old, and never in those ten years have I deleted an email. There is a paper trail of dead Neopets, lost Club Penguin friends, and even the activation email for my short lived MySpace account.

Yet, she somehow deletes thirty thousand emails without batting an eyelash and then lies about it.

That scares me.

Both candidates possess qualities that not only raise red flags but send my brain into the full fight or flight mentality, but not voting seemingly isn’t an option.

This November you will find me in a booth voting for Clinton.

Not because she is a woman, because this whole new era of feminism and inherently trying to rid the world of misogynistic behaviors annoys me.

Not because of anything one thing she has said or the slew of celebrities that have rallied behind her.

This November you will find me voting for Clinton because she doesn’t scare me as much, and that’s the saddest and scariest part of this election.

My only hope is that four years from now we have a candidate who cares more about the issues than creating a media crazed frenzy.

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