DCCC Graduation Ceremony

Hezekiah Simon, Communitarian Staff Reporter

       The graduation ceremony for DCCC students is almost here. It will be at the Hollinger House at Chester University on May 18 from 10 a.m. to noon. The speakers of the ceremonies will be the chair of the Board of Trustees Keven Scott, and the welcome keynote speaker will be President, Dr. Gates Black.

        To graduate, students must have completed required courses for specific degrees by this semester. Check with department granting the degree for specific requirements.

For students to receive their caps and gowns, they must order from the Marple Campus Bookstore by May 1. Students may still be able to receive their caps and gowns past the deadline, but sizes may be limited. Students will also be able to decorate their caps and gowns.

Allyson Gleeson, The director of Campus Life, said, “The Cap and Gown is free if student’s application is approved.” If students are unsure if they are eligible to graduate, they can log into delaGATE and select the Degree Works icon at the top of the webpage. This will show if a student has completed all of the requirements to qualify for his or her degree.

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