Search For The Phantom

Kyle Goodwin, Communitarian Staff Reporter

            Starting April 24, DCCC will be hiding 10 phantoms throughout the Marple campus.  The first 100 students to find and photograph all 10 will win a phantom spirit prize. 

Once students have photographed the phantoms, they must go to Room 1180 to show staff all 10 phantom pictures. The Academy For College Excellence (ACE) organization is holding this event until the end of Springfest Week, April 28, 4p.m.

The ACE department is committed to helping underprepared and stressed out students to rekindle their passions for education.  One of the ways this organization does this is by connecting the students with their teachers and the schooling community by holding events like Springfest. 

            ACE is committed to helping campuses like ours through experiential learning like “find the phantom” to reinforce and encourage our communication, community, and individual strengths.

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