DelCo Libraries Offers Pronunciator

Delaware County Public Relations Office

Delaware County Libraries now offer Pronunciator — a free web-based language learning tool that allows residents to learn over 160 languages. 

Patrons of Delaware County Libraries simply go online, create a free account, select the language of interest, then choose how to start building language skills with customizable courses. 

Courses feature video clips and human voices to keep it real. Users can select from short Daily Lessons, deeper Main Courses (including drills, quizzes, audio lessons, and more), or even select Structured 8-week courses, city tours, and detailed interactive grammar lessons.

Options range from heavily spoken languages such as Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Punjabi, and Arabic to languages such as Icelandic, Kurdish, Welsh, Sanskrit and Swahili.

Audio instructions feature native speakers of each language. Some languages have videos with subtitles that let learners loop any phrase in the video, and some languages have audio downloads.

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