New Media Lab Posts New Podcast on Work/School Balance

Kyle Goodwin, Communitarian Staff Reporter

DCCC’s New Media Lab has released a new podcast on balancing a job while pursuing an education.  New Media Lab is a student-run program with a wide range of discussions and topics that are all relevant to DCCC students. 

The most recent episode discusses how some of DCCC students maintain a job while attending school.  This episode takes a dive into different perspectives about what it’s like to work full time and all of the things that come with it.

According to an article published on, 43% of full-time students are employed while in school  and 23% of those students work more than 35 hours per week. In contrast, 81% of part-time students are employed while taking classes and  58% of those students work 35 hours per week.  

The podcast includes facts related to students’ experiences when working full time.  One of these facts is attending college while working results in a lower GPA, due to work pressures, stress, and reduced social engagements. 

This is consistent with the interviewed students on this podcast’s episode.  One of the students said the toughest thing about working full-time and attending school is having to occasionally miss class and fall behind.

Tommy Cresta second semester as a com major works full time as a podcast host said,

“I think colleges could help students by giving them a little more leniency with  due dates and helping them schedule around their  work.”

To access this podcast use this link or go to This Must Be Heard Episode 32 The Modern College Student: The Balance Between Employment & Education

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