Allison Wins Voice for Children Award

Ahmoni Martin, Communitarian Staff Reporter

Jean Allison, DCCC associate professor of early childhood, has been given the 2023 VOICE for Children Award from The Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children.

The VOICE for Children Award is a statewide award that recognizes leaders who have an impact on the quality of care for young children in diverse settings. This award celebrates not only the recipients but the early childhood professions.  

Prof. Allison has been interested in the development of very young children from birth to age five in a childcare setting. She completed her degree and her certificate in Special Education. She was the director of a childcare center for 17 years.  During that time, she was teaching part time for DCCC in Early Childhood Education.  

Through her 30 years of teaching, Allison said,“If I had to pick one moment, it was when a parent cried in a conference because I was able to see the child behind the behavior and when children learn something new.”

For students who are in the childhood education field, her best advice to you is “Study hard.  Children deserve the best teachers and it takes study and practice to get there.” 

For more information, view the 2023 VOICE for Children Award: 

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