Sign Language Club Looking For Members

Ally Underwood, Communitarian Staff Reporter

Photo by Kevin Malik

The DCCC American Sign Language Club is active again starting spring semester. The group holds two weekly meetings, one virtually, and one in Founders Hall Room 2510 at 2-2:30 p.m.

Instructor Velma Davies said, “I learned to sign six years ago when my sister went partially deaf, and we had to communicate with her.” The goal of the ASL Club is to learn American Sign Language and be able to use it when desired.

The group has eleven consistent members but is open to newcomers. No prior experience necessary. In the first few meetings, the group has been learning basics such as the alphabet, numbers, greetings, how to make introducions and days of the week.

For more information or interest in the ASL club, contact Velma Davies at

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