Spring is Tick Season

Delaware County Public Relations

As we enter the spring season, residents need to take precautions to protect themselves and their pets against ticks. Ticks can spread illnesses including Lyme disease. There are ways to prevent tick bites and the diseases associated with them. 

Ticks are typically found in wooded areas. When out in nature, stay on the beaten path and out of thick, overgrown vegetation when ticks are active. Picaridin is an active ingredient shown to be an effective repellent at 20% in the products that contain it.

Another effective repellent is Permethrin. When applied to clothing, Permethrin is not only good at repelling ticks, but it also kills them.

Always check for ticks when returning from outdoors. Tick bites are most commonly found in and around your hair, ears, under arms, belly button, waist, legs, and behind the knees. If a tick is found burrowed in the skin, do not use alcohol or repellents, as they may regurgitate infected saliva.

To remove a tick that has burrowed into the skin, use tweezers to grasp the tick by its mouthpart and pull directly out. After the tick is removed wash the area, and if a rash appears after, seek medical attention. 

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