DCCC Exton & Downingtown Merge

Kyle Goodwin,

Communitarian Staff Reporter

            DCCC has recently announced a merger between the Exton and Downingtown campus.  The Exton campus originally founded in 1996, will come to a close June 30, 2023, following the end of summer session one classes.  After the consolidation takes place DCCC will have a total of eight campuses for students.

 According to DCCC president Dr. L. Joy Gates the reason for this is “Downingtown Center has expanded significantly and offers more robust resources and state-of-the-art facilities to our students. That, coupled with a shift in enrollment, led us to determine that this consolidation makes sense.”

            All programs and staff offered at Exton campus will be transferred over to Downingtown following the merger.  The same programs will continue to be offered at all other campuses. 

            The Downingtown campus consolidation will also include an updated art studio and a nursing simulation lab.  With this added to the Downingtown campus, students will now be able to complete their associate’s degree in nursing, psychology, liberal arts, and business. According to DCCC the Downingtown campus includes “16,000-square-foot STEM Wing, as well as a learning resource center, counselor/advisor offices, computer classrooms, student lounge and study areas, bookstore, administrative offices, faculty offices and a Student Resource Center.”

For students that depend on public transportation there will be no changes, all buses delivering students will continue to run to all open campuses.

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