New Media Lab Hosts Podcast

Ahmoni Martin, Communitarian Staff Reporter

DCCC’s New Media Lab will launch a new podcast March 3 on its Youtube channel. The new episode is called The Written: College-Wide reading Fiction Contest Winners and features Annalise DeVito, 2nd year, History Major and Max Lagunas, 1st year, English Major.

The prompt for the contest was to create a story with characters  affected by climate change and how they would adapt to the changing climate.

DeVito decided to go through the negative effects of climate change. “ I wanted to show a more negative way of this is what could happen if we don’t do something about it.”

Her story The Silence of Snow takes place in Vancouver and through the wilderness of Canada as the characters, Aspen, Nave and Merek, try to get to Edmonton.

Maria Boyd, adviser of the New Media Lab said restarting the Lab was through the efforts of Tashea White, Communication Arts Major; Raven Amaro, second year, Studio Art Major; and LuShonda Stevens second year, Communication Arts Major.

Up next The New Media Lab will be showing This Must Be Heard Episode 32 The Modern College Student: The Balance Between Employment and Education showing on March 6th.

Students can follow the DCCC New Media Lab on instagram @dccc_newmediab and view the podcasts at  .

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