DCCC IT Offers Computer Security Training

Hezekiah Simon, Communitarian Staff Reporter

 IT security training is available to DCCC students to protect their accounts from spam and phishing. Spam is unsolicited digital communication. Phishing is an attacker who targets the end user. to gain access to sensitive data and/or to gain access to any personal accounts

                  To help combat phishing and other types of spam IT has deployed Duo Security for deleGATE. IT security training is also available to all students at delaGate under the students tab. The course content is updated annually and is offered at no additional fee to you. The course is not a requirement, but highly recommended.

             The training focuses on the signs of phishing like grammar and spelling errors, inconsistencies with contact info and Domain names, and threats/ a sense of urgency. They will also often try a fatigue attack, the act of repeatedly sending a push notification asking to approve the login.

                Donald Sloat, the senior director of Information Technology, said, “Unfortunately phishing is very difficult to prevent, as it takes advantage of human nature to get past security defenses.”

      Link to IT security training: https://training.knowbe4.com/ui/login. For more information contact IT support contact the OIT Support Center at support.dccc.edu or call 610-359-5211.          

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