Chest County Libraries Available

Kyle Goodwin, Communitarian Staff Reporter

            DCCC students are able to get a free library card at the Chester County library located in Exton.  Students must have a form of i.d., and something showing his or her address, like a piece of mail with the student’s name.

There are a range of benefits at the library, including books, magazines, and audiobooks. This library card also allows access to electronic books, audio books, music and online access to tutors for help with homework and other school assignments.

Chester County Library has multiple locations in Exton, Coatesville, Oxford, Kennet, and many more.

The library also offers large databases where students can obtain information on scholarship programs, drivers education, volunteer programs, financial aid, and job opportunities. 

According to Chester County Library the system ensures that every resident has access to exceptional opportunities to read, learn, create, connect and contribute to a better quality of life.

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