Shakespeare at DCCC

By Dana Consorti, Communitarian Staff Reporter

DCCC theater students will perform Shakespeare’s Macbeth April 5-8  in the Marple Campus  large auditorium at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online at

This Macbeth will be shortened to about 90 minutes, but the actors will use the original text. Stephen Smith, professor of drama, will direct the play with Sarah Skyler, a recent graduate as assistant director. According to Prof. Smith, he and his assistant director chose Macbeth because they wanted to do a show that they could invite local high schools to.

The production is a collaboration with the Hedgerow Theater Company in Media, which is where the theater students will also perform the play for high school students. Prof. Smith said Marcie Bramucci, who runs Hedgerow, is a good friend and has a great working relationship with DCCC.” This partnership gives DCCC theater students a chance to work in a professional theater and perform for audiences outside the college.

DCCC has done plays and musicals every semester since 2007. The past few productions have been held on zoom or outside due to COVID. Professor Smith said, “We are hoping that indoor audiences will come back for Macbeth.”

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