New Covid Policy This Semester

By Kyle Goodwin, Communitarian Staff Reporter

The DCCC covid-19 policy has been updated this semester. Students, faculty, and staff are no longer required to be vaccinated as opposed to previous semesters. Masks while optional on campus unless an instructor requires students to wear masks during their individual classes.

According to the CDC, infections average 1,600 new cases a week in Pennsylvania and 85 a week in Delaware county.  While DCCC’s policy is not set in stone, it has issued guidelines suggesting decisions regarding vaccines and masking remain subject to change depending on the rate of COVID-19 transmission in Delaware and Chester Counties as well as recommendations from national, state, and local authorities and health agencies.

 If a student does test positive or feels flu-like symptoms, they are required to quarantine for a minimum of five days. Once the symptoms disappear, they may attend school but must wear a mask for the following 10 days.  Delegate website now has Covid-19 guidelines for when a student tests positive or comes in contact with someone who has Covid-19.  Students are encouraged to view these to understand the requirements if infected.

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