DCCC Mental Health Services

With the start of a new semester comes the threat to mental health. Since the start of the pandemic, the incidence in the nation—and particularly among college students—of serious mental health issues has created a more proactive means to help those in need.

DCCC has expanded its counseling outreach, providing students with safe, confidential opportunities to seek advice.  It has created a CARE Team (Consultation – Assessment – Referral – Education) for assessing, recognizing and educating students who are in apparent or potential distress at any of the College’s campuses or sites. (see link below)

The Career and Counseling Department has trained counselors available to help students work through difficulties. It will also refer students to outside resources if they’re seeking long-term counseling or support. Personal and crisis counseling is provided on a drop-in basis and no appointment is required for these services. For more information, please visit dccc.edu/counseling

As a community college with no residential settings, college staffing is not offered 24/7. However, there are several 24/7 resources to connect (including hotlines, textlines, and tips on coping with distress). Crisis Text Line Text HOME to 741741

No matter a student’s reluctance to reach out, it is critical not to let issues grow into major problems. It is important to contact someone using the links below, sooner than later.

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