DCCC Computer Security Training

DCCC has engaged KnowBe4 to provide students with security awareness training that will focus on the common methods of cyber-attack and how to identify them. The course content is updated annually and is offered at no cost.

Students will receive an email with a link to start the training. It can also be accessed by logging into delaGATE, clicking on ‘Students’ and then ‘IT Security Training.’

The course is not required, but we strongly encourage taking it to protect yourself. The training is about 45 minutes long and covers many topics. The course is applicable for both personal computing and College computer use. 

The College will send out newsletters each month about cybersecurity. The first is called ‘Scam of the Week’, which summarizes a recent real-world scam and provides tips on how to stay safe from similar scams. The second is a monthly newsletter called Security Hints and Tips, which provides hints and tips for various cybersecurity topics.

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