DelCo Completes 7th Street Bridge in Chester

The reconstruction of Delaware County Bridge 186, on West 7th Street in Chester, began in 2018. The original bridge was a two-span steel bridge and was constructed in 1920. At the time, the bridge was weight restricted and couldn’t support heavy vehicles including emergency vehicles, school buses, and delivery trucks. 

Construction began on the bridge in September 2018 to convert the bridge from steel to concrete, install a new sidewalk along the bridge, install protective fencing preserve the viaduct wall which is a historic feature.

The new bridge ensures that vehicular and SEPTA bus access connects the city on both sides of the Chester Creek and it also serves as an important link to the downtown area by providing a safe walkable option for nearby residents. Heavier vehicles such as emergency vehicles, school buses, and delivery trucks can also now use the bridge.

Of the 43 bridges owned by the County, only eight bridges remain in poor condition. Four of those structures will be under construction in early 2023 and the remaining structures will be in a phase of design in 2023.

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