DelCo Approves 2023 Budget

Delaware County Council unanimously approved the County’s FY 2023 budget at the December 14 public meeting. This year’s budget holds the line on taxes for the third consecutive year. Among the priorities in this year’s budget are:

  • A new “No Wrong Door” program that will dramatically improve the County’s ability to provide necessary services to residents. 
  • The launch of a “Zero Waste” program that will create new economic opportunities.
  • The creation of a new landbank that will allow the County to revive underutilized and abandoned properties.
  • The continued transformation of the county’s HR system to focus on building career paths for new workers by increasing training, benefits, and pay to attract and retain highly qualified county employees.
  • A continued commitment to being careful stewards of taxpayer resources by moving toward a “zero based budgeting” model for certain government agencies.

Delaware County Council Chair Dr. Monica Taylor said, “Many of these improvements are long overdue and by being careful, thoughtful stewards of taxpayer’s money, we are not only meeting today’s needs, but also building the foundation for a stronger county for years to come.”

The adopted FY 2023 Budget can be found on our website at

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