DelCo’s Dr. Monica Taylor Named to Board of Education

Delaware County Public Relations Office

Delaware County Council Chair Dr. Monica Taylor was recently named to the Pennsylvania State Board of Education. The Pennsylvania Board of Education has the power to review and adopt regulations that govern educational policies and establish standards governing the educational programs of the state, including the adoption of policies and master plans for institutions of both basic and higher education.

The Board of Education is comprised of 21 members, ten of whom serve as the Board’s Council of Basic Education and ten of whom serve as the Board’s Council of Higher Education, plus the PA Secretary of Education, who serves as the head of the Board.

Dr. Taylor will serve on the Board’s Council of Basic Education, which has the power and duty to develop a master plan for basic education throughout the Commonwealth. The Board also sets policy and promotes regulations regarding vocational and technical education in Pennsylvania.  

“I’m truly honored to serve on this impactful Board as a representative of Delaware County,” said Dr. Taylor. “I’m excited to use my experiences as an educator, a student, and a parent in the continued pursuit of providing accessible high-quality education to all Pennsylvanians.”

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