DCCC Contemporary Exhibition Ends Soon

Indiana Gallant, Senior Communitarian Reporter

The DCCC Contemporary Art Juried Exhibition will close Dec. 16. The exhibition is on display in Room 2305 in the Academic Building on Marple campus.

DCCC Art Administrator Caitlin Flaherty explained that this exhibition is an annual gallery of local contemporary art. “It’s work that we don’t necessarily see every day in our daily lives, so it’s exciting to bring something different to our campus.”

This year’s jurors are Alex Klein, the Dorothy and Stephen R. Weber Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art. She opened the gallery with the Juror’s talk on Nov. 17. 

Flaherty said that the talk was recorded for access by DCCC’s art students. “I am working on possibly having it posted for all students to see.”

She explained that for art students this art is “new, fresh, and relevant to today’s current events.” Contemporary art aims to break the boundaries of traditional art. “The art in this exhibition isn’t found in their textbooks.”

Flaherty explained that contemporary art can reach students where they are. “Students expressed that they felt a connection to certain pieces in this particular exhibition because they were reminded of their own personal experiences.”

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