Suicide Prevention 101

Grace Feeney, Senior Communitarian Reporter

(Nov.22, Marple Campus) DCCC’s Suicide Prevention 101 workshop will be held Dec. 6 at 1 p.m. via Zoom. Counselors Ryan Jaffe and Bonnie Yake will give a presentation on the signs and symptoms of depression.

Students will learn how to empathetically engage with a suicidal person. The event also discusses the support networks available to students. The program will run for 90 minutes. Attendees can engage in discussion throughout the presentation.

This workshop is sponsored by the college’s Suicide Prevention Committee. In 2021, DCCC was certified as a suicide prevention institution by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This program is part of the college’s effort to fulfill that certification.

Suicide Prevention 101 seeks to create a dialogue surrounding mental health. Ryan Jaffe, counselor and event coordinator, said, “Given how prevalent suicide is, prevention and awareness should become a common part of our lives.”

Overall, the counselor hopes this program helps people. “This workshop can help people restore and maintain hope through compassion and understanding.”

Students can register for the event at:

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