Cut Us a Break Editorial

Julia Funchion, Communitarian Editorial Writer

n most cases nowadays, it is necessary to obtain a college degree to have a successful career. However, college is not cheap. 

Whether private or public, higher education is a great expense. Many students must pay for college by themselves. They have to juggle multiple jobs to pay for their education. 

As a student myself, working two jobs, managing my home life, embracing a social life, and going to school at the same time, life is not exactly easy or enjoyable. I find myself sacrificing a lot to keep my life on track. Being under this much stress and pressure leads to a lot of mental health issues. In 2021, a study found that over 60% of college students met the criteria for at least one mental health problem. What is the solution you ask? Well, to find a solution, we must dissect what is causing the problem. 

As I mentioned earlier, college-aged students pay their own tuition or must come up with a margin of the expenses. Students like me do so by working a job or even a few jobs. 

What if I told you the solution to the mental health problem was the tackling the biggest obstacle, the expense of school? If more students could qualify for educational grants, the likelihood of students being overloading with stress or sacrificing experiences would lessen. 

The “Pell Grant” passed in 1965 by Congress is the largest grant offered by the Department of Education. It serves as federal aid awarded to students who are in financial crisis and this money does not need to be repaid. Pell Grants lessens the burden of stress and can prevent mental health issues of college students.

After examining the obstacle, the answer is simple, give the students a break. Pell Grants lessen the burden of stress and can prevent mental health issues of college students. 

With more funding, more students will have the opportunity to be given a break from juggling an overfull workload at such young ages. Contact your local representative and urge them to reconsider the amount of money that is being put towards funding the education of young adults. An amount increase saves just one more student from becoming burn out. It also increases the chances of a strong working society for the future. 

Obtaining a college degree isn’t exactly optional in this day in age. If society want to see the future of our country thrive, we must support the up and coming. Do your part and give credit to the students who are overfilling their schedule so one day they can successful just like you. 

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