DCCC Hosts Workshop on LGBTQ+ in Pop Culture

Grace Feeney, Senior Communitarian Reporter 

Photo by Alexander Grey

(Nov. 4, Marple Campus) A workshop on the history of LGBTQ+ visibility in popular culture will be held on Nov. 15 at 11:10 a.m. at the Marple Campus. The program takes place in Room 2185 in the Academic Building. Students can also attend via Zoom. 

Associate Professor Maria Boyd will present a historical overview of LGBTQ+ members in media. Boyd will discuss popular movies, shows, music, and video games.

The event will be followed by a Q&A where students can engage with one another.

This workshop is part of DCCC’s mission to expand services for LGBTQ+ community members. Professor Boyd said, “Unfortunately, LGBTQ+ history does not occupy much space in textbooks.”

The hope is to bring awareness to a culture that has largely been hidden. Professor Boyd said, “Many LGBTQ+ folks and allies at DCCC may not realize how rich LGBTQ+ history is.”

Overall, the Professor is excited to share her passion. “It’s so fun to be able to discuss this topic with staff and students!”

Students can register for the event using the link below.


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