The Black Journey at The Independence Visitor Center

Ethan Ubina, Communitarian Staff Writer

The Independence Visitor Center of Philadelphia will hold ‘The Black Journey: African-American History Tour’ an event remembering the impact of African-Americans in Philadelphia. This is located at 599 Market Street, Philadelphia, and is held every Saturday for the rest of the year. 

This 90-minute tour explores the role African-Americans had in Philadelphia’s history. It includes Congo Square, visit the unmarked graves of free and enslaved victims of the yellow fever epidemic, learn about the Quaker school where both Black and White students were educated together.

            The tour presents information about the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793, Martha Washington’s enslaved handmaiden who emancipated herself and others and about the Old London Coffee Shop where humans were inspected and sold into slavery .

The tour includes on-sight visits to locations around Philadelphia. Tickets are available for $20-35 at

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