DCCC websites Are Moving

  dccc.edu, delagate.dccc.edu, and cswiki.dccc.edu are moving from on-premise hosting to third-party hosting. Currently, these websites are hosted on-premises at the College’s Marple data center. To increase security and enhance the end-user experience, these websites will be run from Pantheon.io, which runs on Google Cloud services.

The move is scheduled to begin on Nov. 29 at 11 am. To facilitate a smooth transition, a content freeze will be implemented at the end of business on Nov. 27 and continue through the end of business on Nov 30. No content can be updated on the dccc.edu, delagate.dccc.edu, or cswiki.dccc.edu sites during the content freeze.

Please use this link to report feedback and problems: https://forms.microsoft.com/r/gkz7QbvDpj

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