Bro Talk event on 11/11.

Grace Feeney, Senior Communitarian Reporter

(Oct. 21, Marple Campus) The Bro Talk student-discussion events will be on Nov. 11 at 11:10 p.m. in Room 2150 in Founders Hall.

Bro Talk is hosted by DCCC’s Black Latino Empowerment Initiative or BLMEI. The initiative provides resources and support to students. Robert Wrease Jr., career counselor, and Dr. Kendrick Mickens, director of The Office of Student Outreach and Support, will proctor the group.

According to Wrease, the proctors are there to monitor the meetings and loop in topics such as voting, Title XI, and college. “BLMEI’s goal is to create a caring environment where students connect.”

The hope is the Bro Talk furthers the initiative’s objectives. Wrease said, “By hearing one another’s viewpoints, I hope students make connections with each other.”

Registration is not required for this event. Students will be given snacks and freedom to discuss topics of their choosing.

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