A.F.A. Exhibit to Close Soon

Indiana Gallant, Communitarian Staff Writer

DCCC Student art is on display at the A.F.A. Foundations exhibit in Room 2305 in the Academic Building on Marple Campus until Oct. 28. 

The exhibit includes physical art displays as well as digital art from online, accessible through QR codes in the gallery and online. This exhibit, as well as past shows, will be available on the DCCC website. 

Caitlin Flaherty, supervisor of the Art Gallery, said the A.F.A. Exhibit displays the work art students have made in their first-year art courses. 

The pieces include a variety of media including acrylic paint, charcoal, and graphite. Flaherty said, “3D Design classes use the widest array of materials in the projects: plaster, paper, foam board, found objects, and mixed media.” 

The exhibit gives students an opportunity to see the creations of their peers. Flaherty explained that it is important for students to get to display their work. “It’s a sense of completion, accomplishment, and importance.” 

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