Vets Get Early Registration

Amy Rodriquez Miller, Communitarian Staff Writer

(Oct 13) Although Midterms are just around the corner at Delaware County Community College. registration for the Spring 2023 semester gets under way at the end of October. Veterans attending DCCC receive a priority registration date of Oct. 27. Veterans also get advising ahead of other students. 

    The DCCC Veterans Center will host an early registration event On Oct. 27,. virtually or in person at all of the Delaware County locations. Veterans will also receive preferential advising from Bridget Panza, associate professor and counselor, “We are very excited about this event. This is a great way for our Veterans to get the classes they want that fit their schedules.” 

     The Veteran’s Center is in Room 2570 of Founders Hall on the Marple campus. The area is equipped with space for socializing, studying and veteran-focused programs. 

    Veterans can still register during regular times starting Oct. 31, start date but can take advantage of the early registration as a perk of their duty and service. 

   For more information contact the Veterans office at

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