LatinX Student Assoc Loteria Night

Lauren Griffith, Communitarian Staff Writer

(Oct. 11) The LatinX Student Association will hold its Loteria Night at the Student Resource Center for a fun Friday event on Dec. 2 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  

 Loteria is a Spanish word meaning “lottery.”  Loteria is a tradition game of chance, similar to bingo, but using images on a deck of cards instead of numbered ping pong bolls.  At this event there will be eight rounds and a $30 cash prize per winner.  

The members of the LatinX Student Association say this event is a great opportunity for fellowship of fun, laughter, celebration, and to connect with each other.  Juanita Davis, LSA member, saai, “The most interesting part of the discussions I heard during last years event, was that young people have a voice and if they speak up more they can make a change.”

RSVP and registration is required at

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