New Push For Mental Health at DCCC

Amy Rodriguez Miller, Communitarian Staff Writer

This fall, the DCCC Behavioral Team is engaging with the marketing department to let faculty, staff and students know where to turn if there is someone in distress.

 Many students at Delaware County Community College work full or part time jobs, are caretakers for multiple family members or are parents. On top of all of that, they take a full class load.

The Behavioral Intervention Team’s mission is to help students struggling with life events or are in emotional distress. Charles Schnur, chairman of the Behavioral Intervention Team understands the stresses students face. “Whether a parent has passed, or a peer struggling, we want the entire DCCC student body, faculty and staff to know we are here to help. The college has many resources that can assist our DCCC community.”

       The Behavioral Intervention Team is working tirelessly to get the message out about the program. “Our team is completely confidential. DCCC has several resources if a student, faculty or staff member is dealing with emotional stress,” said Schnur.

Schnur said if people know of someone who needs help, they should go to under Student Services tab to fill out an Incident Report. “Please do not hesitate if you believe someone needs assistance.” To access the incident report page, visit

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