Black Student Union Is Back

Matt Aukamp, Communitarian Staff Reporter

(Sept. 30, Marple Campus) The Black Student Union has returned to DCCC. After lying dormant since last year, owing both to a lack of student leadership and the Covid-19 pandemic closed the campus, the new Black Student Union held its first meeting in September 2022.

Its new president, Alana Robinson, walked around campus throughout the summer and first month of the fall semester, meeting students and handing out flyers for the club. By the end of September, the club’s membership had grown to 45 students.

This historic organization boasts roots that stretch back to the 1960s and has had a presence at DCCC since 1989. Under the guidance of faculty advisors Simmee Myers and Tanya Gardner, Robinson decided to restart the Black Student Union. This latest revitalization follows in the footsteps of many similar efforts over the years.

Taking part in the Mentoring Program helped Robinson meet many new students and faculty members. Yet she still perceived a lack of unity on campus that bothered her. “Not only among Black students. I saw so many people sitting by themselves on campus,” said Robinson. “I wanted to bring people together.” So, she got to work.

After a weeklong series of Union elections, Alana Robinson has officially become president. The administration is rounded out by Elijah Moore, vice president; Davie Verdier, treasurer; Lydia Nansanja, secretary; and Mikayla Rolle, Public Relations coordinator. With members and an administration in place, the Union can now start on new directions, charity work and activities. The members plan to grow their social media presence, membership and charity efforts in the coming weeks and months.

The group plans to hold a movie night on the Marple campus on Oct. 6. Admission will be $2 per person and the event will feature cotton candy and popcorn machines for a viewing of the 2018 film “Hereditary.”

Students interested in checking out the group for themselves can attend meetings most Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. at the Marple campus. Attendance is open to all students, to foster a sense of unity on campus. 

“I want us to help bring students to their full potential and make people enjoy coming back to school,” said Robinson.

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