DCCC’s student newspaper, The Communitarian, is set to relaunch

Grace Feeney, Communitarian Staff Writer

DCCC’s student newspaper, The Communitarian, is set to relaunch this fall across all campuses. The newspaper will be available digitally by Oct.15. Print versions will be ready in the spring semester.

 Based on the Marple Campus, The Communitarian includes news about students, the college, and Delaware County. Journalism students from classes ENG 130 and 131 produce the newspaper’s content. 

Historically, a senior journalism student has edited and published the paper. However,

the newsroom was closed due to the pandemic. The last version printed was in April 2021. All former staff have graduated.

The return of The Communitarian has been led by a small team. Dr. Richard Welch, adjunct professor, is The Communitarian advisor. Faizan Ahmed, a DCCC computer science major, works on the website. 

The team will bring the newspaper back by updating the website as news comes in.

According Dr. Welch, the relaunch of the newspaper is an exciting time at DCCC. It allows students to learn about writing and journalism. Welch said, “I love the challenge of turning students into journalists.”

More importantly, the student newspaper fosters connections in the DCCC community. Welch said, “It creates a strong bond between school and student.”

The newspaper’s details will be updated as it develops.  

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