DCCC Joins DELCO Suicide Awareness 17th annual 5k Walk/Run.

Indiana Gallant, Communitarian Staff Writer

 The Delaware County Community College Suicide Prevention Committee will join  the Delaware County Suicide Prevention and Awareness Task Force’s 17th annual Suicide Prevention 5k Walk/Run. The event is on Sept. 24 at 8 a.m. in Ridley Creek State Park.

Students can get involved by registering to run in the event  online or at the event. The DCCC will sponsor the first 20 students to register as a part of the college’s team.

Jason Stansberry, one of the chairs of DCCC’s Suicide Prevention Committee, explained that suicide prevention is important because it is an issue that affects students and staff. “Universities are not required to have suicide prevention.”

Stansberry explained that the Pennsylvania Department of Education recognizes schools with a suicide communication plan. The recognition helped the two chairs, Jason Stansberry and Ryan Jaffe, form the committee.

Stansberry said, “When things like that occur, what happens?” The committee’s goal is to educate students and staff about suicide prevention.

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