DCCC Running Club is set to kick off

Grace Feeney, Communitarian Staff Reporter

(Sept. 18, Marple Campus) The first DCCC Running Club is set to kick off this September at the Marple Campus. It is open to students of any age and ability. The group will meet once a week at a time and day to be determined by the club’s participants.

The Running Club was created by The Department of Athletics and Campus Engagement or ACE. Cara Fordenbacher, a coordinator of the department, will lead the group. Students will join Fordenbacher on the Marple Campus to run trails in the surrounding area.

Fordenbacher brought the Running Club idea to ACE. It was widely supported by the department, so the idea quickly came to fruition.

The club’s support is ACE’s desire to bring cross-country back next fall. Fordenbacher said, “The goal of the group is to garner interest in running.” According to the coordinator, the club will be a steppingstone in creating DCCC’s varsity team next year.

However, there are broader hopes for the Running Club. Fordenbacher said, “I want this to be an empowering space for students to move their bodies.”

As a former cross-country runner, the coordinator’s excitement about the group is palpable. “I am excited to bring my love of running to the campus community.”

 The Running Club will release more details as it evolves. 

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