Pinatas, creativity and school pride

Students brightened their day making pinatas that represent DCCC or their transfer school—and their bright futures.

Kate Escalante, president of the Latinx Student Association wanted students to enjoy a relaxing activity on April 12. Club members brought recycled boxes and art supplies to create pinatas in Founders Hall on the Marple Campus.

Rhianna Rucker, a General Studies student, says Nansanja “grabbed me to come to have fun.”

 Lidya Nansanja, a nursing student, likes bright colors
Photo credit: Lauren Keatley.
Nansanja celebrates her upcoming transfer to
West Chester University after graduating in May
Photo credit: Lauren Keatley.
Psychology major Max Sokoloff is a Latinx Student Association member
Photo credit: Lauren Keatley.
 Jack Crockarell mixes visual arts from Japan and Mexico
Photo credit: Lauren Keatley.

By Lauren Keatley

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