By Elena Hopkins

ESL professor at Delaware County Community College

Blue and yellow battered Ukrainian flag waves in the air.

I hear a cry for help 24/7, so I can’t sleep.

If I were a fairy,

I would make myself invisible and fly,

help them leave that hell,

and would bring them all here,

women, children,

the elderly and the sick.

No bullet would touch them.

No Grad would reach them.

No rocket would destroy a home.

No man would be hungry, thirsty, or helpless.

But I am no fairy or a dreaming child.

I am an ordinary human,

feeling pain and suffering of my fellow patriots,

being punished,

because they chose to be free

and defend their own land.

My heart is with brave soldiers shooting from trenches,

teenagers who are making Molotov cocktails in the basements,

the elderly kneeling in front of enemy tanks,

mothers freezing in cellars but covering their children with blankets,

and unborn babies in the maternity ward that was bombed!

I am bleeding with the wounded

often dying

and getting up again to fight back

still smiling at the sunrise

and hoping it will not be covered with smoke today.

My thoughts are with the mother holding blue and yellow;

her eyes are full of tears, sorrow, and pride –

she lost her son.

They pray, and I pray with them,

in English, Ukrainian, and Russian,


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