Biospheres now showing at Philadelphia art gallery Hot Bed

By Jen Warner

From March 20 through May 8, 2021, art lovers can reserve an appointment to see “Biospheres” at HOT•BED, a gallery in Center City, Philadelphia where art and design meets horticulture.

This collaborative exhibition, curated by James Oliver Gallery, features visual artists Marguerita Hagan and Ana Vizcarra Rankin. 

From Hagan’s new “Flora” sculpture series to Rankin’s macroscopic visualizations of land, sea, and stars, and every work of art in between, “Biospheres” seeks to inspire viewers with intimate looks at the ecosystems that make up our world as we know it.

Earth’s survival is dependent on biodiversity, and both artists feel strongly that our environment requires our honor and attention, now more than ever.

Photos by Jen Warner

Contact Jen Warner at

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