Students learn the value of self-healing

By Lerence Melton

Religious studies professor Francesco Bellini hosted a Zoom event to educate students on the importance of self-healing as part of the College-Wide Reading Program. Photo courtesy of DCCC

On March 24, religious studies professor Francesco Bellini hosted a Zoom meeting titled “Just Like Me: The Practice of Healing.” 

The presentation, some of which focused on the essay, “What It Means to Heal” by Cyndi Jones, explored the history and personal journey of healing, including a more “proactive, less mystical approach to healing.” 

During the presentation, Bellini explained the origin of healing in the Bible’s New Testament as well as the Four Noble Truths associated with Buddhism. 

“Meditation is used in healing practices that date back centuries and is used to help clear the mind and soul.”

– Francesco bellini

Students were also introduced to a guided meditation exercise. 

During Professor Bellini’s March 24 virtual presentation titled “Just Like Me: The Practice of Healing,” students and faculty learned about the benefits of meditation. 
Photo by Lerence Melton

Bellini opened the presentation by discussing the history of healing and its correlation with religion. He mentioned how scientific studies show people who believe in a religion tend to heal faster and recover from surgeries faster than someone who might not be spiritual. This extends throughout many religions and is seen mostly in Christianity and Buddhism, according to Bellini. 

Next, Bellini discussed how healing is more than physical. Healing can come from within and has a mental aspect as well; for example, religions such as Buddhism practice this through meditation, a form of healing. 

Towards the end of the talk, Bellini invited all participants to join him in a meditation exercise, during which they focused on one another as Bellini read a series of statements, such as “The person you are staring at has feelings just like you.”

After the exercise, which lasted for about five minutes, everyone said they had a positive experience performing the exercise. 

Ruth Morganto discussed how the meditation helped her with some nervousness she was feeling about her husband’s surgery and English professor Liz Gray said she noticed how people’s breathing had slowed down to match others during the exercise.  

Bellini concluded the presentation by reminding participants that everyone is human, adding, “[They are] just like you and deserve healing just like you.”

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