Delco shines in historic 2020 election

by Victoria Lavelle

Victoria Lavelle, former executive editor of The Communitarian, attends President-elect Joe Biden’s acceptance speech at the Chase Center on the River Front in Wilmington, Del. Nov. 7.

Today feels like the celebratory day I received my degree from DCCC — exuberant and victorious! 

The global attention this past week has been on Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Delaware County in the spotlight as well — Wow! It really gives merit to the long and tedious hours I spent at the computer writing political opinion columns and editorial content about DelCo for The Communitarian.

To feel as though my work may have contributed to Pennsylvania’s voters tipping the scale for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to “restore the soul of the nation” is extremely gratifying. The country can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief now that the “soon-to-be” former President Donald J. Trump has been defeated.

He might even need to be overthrown at the rate his loss is going for him.

In 2015, Trump defeated 16 Republican challengers to clinch the GOP nomination. He continued on to defeat Hillary Clinton — a Liberal powerhouse! It was frightening to witness someone so reckless, selfish and evil rise to power so fast in America. It was like a fascist horror out of the history books.

After Charlottesville, I was determined to do whatever I could to ensure Trump would not be reelected in 2020. I put my faith into a fellow Delawarean, Joe Biden, and made it my mission to write editorial content to promote his nomination.

While serving as executive editor of The Communitarian in 2019, I published wire service articles about Biden so DCCC students could acquaint themselves with his credentials and background.

I had confidence in Biden long before most others either gravitated towards him or settled for him. For me, it was a choice of who could defeat Trump, as opposed to who would be the best leader. Though, I have to say that with Biden, I firmly believe we have both.

In recent days, Wilmington, Del.  made history, women have shattered the glass ceiling, and the future White House is now set to reflect the modern-day America we’ve evolved into — Finally!

In nearly 50 years of living life, I had never witnessed Americans flooding into the streets in celebration like they did on Nov. 7. Up until then, images like that were only seen in post-WWII documentaries. Never had I seen so much ecstatic energy rush across nation. It was exciting to bear witness to, while thrilling to indulge in.

The fact that we now have the first-ever female elect vice president and the nation took a huge leap forward for African-Americans and Asian-Americans only sweetens the pot. 

Congratulations Delaware County — we did it together! We rocked the vote and tipped the political boat to favor the return of decency and normalcy to America.

I’ve one final thought that I’d like to leave DCCC readers with which is quite simple — but significant: don’t ever underestimate the power of your vote Delaware County, as you played a key role in the restoration of American Democracy and you helped save the soul of the nation.

Your vote is sacred and valuable, so moving forward continue to use it to pave the way for generations and administrations to come.

God bless America and let freedom reign.

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