DCCC congratulates PTK scholarship recipient

Megan Updegraff, a Health Studies Pre-Nursing and Medical Assistant major, has been awarded the PTK Completion Week Scholarship. Photo courtesy of Nyia Kelly.

When you’re out and about in the community, you are bound to see the DCCC logo coupled with the words “Be What’s Next,” which reflects the potential of our DCCC students, such as the one spotlighted here.

Megan Updegraff is the most recent Phi Theta Kappa Completion Week Scholarship recipient.  A double major earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in both Health Studies-Pre Nursing and Medical Assistant, Updegraff was awarded the PTK $1000 scholarship for her inspirational life journey.

This single mother of two, despite past goal redirection and the current pandemic, refuses to give in.  What started as an “idea to get a Medical Assistant Certificate” is now a desire to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Updegraff said her children are the motivating force behind this pursuit.  “I am still not entirely sure how I am able to get through each year,” Updegraff explained. “What I do know is that I would not change this experience for anything.  All the sleepless nights spent studying are worth every bit because for possibly the first time in my life, I have a goal in sight that is worth reaching.”

For the past year, Updegraff has been a member of Phi Theta Kappa, which she joined because she “thought it would be a great addition to her resume, as well as a great way to connect with opportunities for her educational goals.”  Updegraff said she is grateful for this award because it will help her to continue her education.

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