Thank you DCCC

By Ken Fridy

I reached out to The Communitarian in early March about writing an opinion piece to show my appreciation for DCCC and all of my professors and classmates. As a student that is transferring after the Spring semester with less than sixty credits, I realized that I will not be formally graduating from DCCC but I wanted an avenue to express how thankful I am for this institution.

Unfortunately since then, the COVID-19 virus has complicated things and now I am finishing my courses at DCCC at my home rather than the Southeast Campus I have proudly gone to since last Summer. It really has given me perspective to never take anything granted in life because you never know when it will be gone. I miss seeing my classmates and professors, the train rides to and from the campus, and at the very least just being at the campus and meeting new people. Even doing just a simple online assignment had me on the verge of tears just thinking how different things were and how much I missed going to school.

Before I went back to school last summer, I was working in fast food full time with no future or goals in sight. Now with the help of DCCC, I am transferring as an honors student and with a bright future at the University of West Florida. In less than a year my life has a whole new meaning and did a 180 degree flip. I feel like the Community in Delaware County Community College really embodies the meaning of the word.

DCCC has a neat community at each of the campuses and I’ve met so many wonderful people that I will always be grateful to have known. I feel honored and blessed to share the classrooms I’ve learned in with so many great peers and I wish them all well. I am also thankful for the wonderful professors I’ve had the honor of learning from as they really helped me become the student I am today and helped me in so many avenues that my high school could not.

Last but certainly not least I am thankful for The Communitarian for giving me this great opportunity to write for them and express my gratitude towards DCCC. Anytime I was on campus and a new issue of The Communitarian was released I was excited to pick it up and dig in and read all of the riveting articles my fellow peers have written.

While I can only hope that my article can hold up to their great work I want to thank them for their excellent work and dedication towards DCCC and its newspaper. It is unfortunate that my experience at DCCC has to end on such a strange note due to the COVID-19 virus, but nonetheless I will cherish the wonderful time and memories I’ve had at DCCC, primarily at the Southeast Campus.

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