Year in review: looking back at 2019

By Mary Kadlec

(Counter-clockwise from top right) The Communitarian junior editor Dylan Francis, reporters Deshawn Morris, Declan Harris, Rodnetta Morris, Tamir Moore, executive editor Mary Kadlec, junior editor Sydney Matthews, and graphic designer Inez Oliveras. Photo by Mike Hamill

Every semester, The Communitarian goes through some literal and figurative changes. As Journalism II students graduate, Journalism I students move up, and the newsroom is suddenly filled with new faces.

With these transitions, we welcome new ideas, energy, and angles on stories. At The Communitarian, we make every effort to cover as many campus events as possible, to include letters to the editor, and cover a wide range of topics for our community.

Here’s a look back on some of the events we covered, students we featured, and other stories that made headlines in the eight issues published in 2019.

DCCC men’s soccer: A league of nations

Communitarian reporter Mike Hamill interviewed several members of the men’s soccer team at the end of their season for the last issue of 2019. International students comprised nearly 80 percent of the team, representing more than 14 countries. The team finished with an overall record of 7-8-1.

DelCo student chronicles life’s challenges

In October, DCCC student Michael Lounsbury self-published a book “Never Accept Defeat” detailing the issues he faced throughout his upbringing and spoke to former executive editor, Victoria Lavelle, about his experience writing the book.

A new era for LGBTQ students at DCCC

Ke’Aysha Strand-Young covered the safe-space event hosted by counselor Chris Dungee on Marple campus in September to raise awareness and foster community with LGBTQ members of the school.

Monster bugs have invaded

In September, reporter Valerie Battaglia reported on diseases spread via mosquitoes and the threat of the spotted lanternfly (remember those?).

Interpreter helps provide services to at-risk students

Last May, special reporter to The Communitarian Amy Grace Drinkwater interviewed an interpreter working with children for the Chester County Intermediate Unit.

Bugs, Bon appetit

DCCC earth science professor Christopher Etherington hosted an insect eating party on Marple campus in March to learn more about sustainable foods.

Tuskegee Airman inspires DCCC students

In February 2019, Keona Bonamy reported on a talk given by Dr. Eugene Richardson, a member of the 332nd Tuskegee Airmen fighter group, at the Marple campus about his experience serving in the military, becoming a pilot and eventually an educator.

Cafeteria food truth

DCCC student and reporter for The Communitarian Daniel Brusilovsky examined quality control, food waste, and nutrition at the Marple campus cafeteria in the February issue.

Other quick highlights from 2019 include: African American hairstyles, Thanksgiving traditions, Knives Out movie review, how dogs communicate, vaccinations, vaping, overcoming procrastination, suicide, the creative writing club, the New Media Lab, local and national political elections, DCCC national technical honor society, self-defense, anxiety disorders, hunger and debt, national students acclimating to college life, Veterans Appreciation Day, Downton Abbey movie review, interview with award-winning author Mark Bowden, Mr. Robot television review, Media Film Festival, DCCC talent show, The Philadelphia Eagles, local innovation in science awards, the NFL draft, and addiction treatment in prison.

The Communitarian is a student-led newspaper for students who have completed Journalism I and enrolled in Journalism II. We currently have six students writing for the newspaper and five additional writers on staff who have completed Journalism II.

If there are ideas or topics you would like to see covered in the newspaper, please let us know by sending an email. We welcome your input.

Contact Mary Kadlec at

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