Phantoms take a tough loss against Northampton Spartans

By Deshawn Morris

DCCC head coach Dawn Grant gives pregame talk to her players at Williamson College of the Trades against Northampton on Jan. 25. Photo by Deshawn Morris

The DCCC Phantoms women’s basketball team took a tough loss against the Northampton Spartans on Jan. 25 at Williamson College of the Trades. The final score was 64-57. Everyone on the team scored.

“Such growth from what I saw,” said head coach Dawn Grant. “We played them earlier this season and lost by 24. To lose to them by seven and potentially beat them, I am very pleased with how they performed today.”

Phantoms Guard Paige Patterson was the top scorer with 31 points, eight rebounds and four steals.

Guard Bryce Johnson and forward Lorraine Marrone both contributed nine points. Johnson also added three rebounds and three steals while Marrone added an outstanding 16 rebounds.

“I think we showed everyone we could play and deserve to play,” said Patterson, a liberal arts major. “I think this was my best game of the season. I just tried to score when my team needed it.”

The game was defensive at the start. In the first quarter, neither team scored easily. Marrone was a vital asset to the Phantoms, grabbing six rebounds in the first.

At the end of the first quarter, the Spartans led 13-12. Toward the middle of the second quarter the Spartans started to go on a 7-0 run against the Phantoms.

Phantoms forward Lorrinae Marrone gears up to shoot the first of two foul shots against Northampton.
Photo by Deshawn Morris

In two transition plays, Maria Pezzino of the Spartans drove to the basket and converted two layups. Tyler Dixon of the Spartans sank a 3-pointer, putting Northampton up 25-18 with less than five minutes left on the clock in the second quarter.

The game started to turn around for the Phantoms with tremendous effort by Patterson who drove to the basket and got the bucket and the foul with 3:17 remaining in the quarter. Going into the second half, the Phantoms led the Spartans 28-27.

“I think we showed everyone we could play and deserve to play.”

– Paige Patterson

At the beginning of the second half, both teams really battled each other with scoring and defense.

Midway through the third, the Spartans started to pull away. Mistakes by the Phantoms, including turnovers and a waning defense, led to the Spartans going on a 11-0 run late in the third.

Phantoms guard Paige Patterson takes a 3-pointer during a home game against Northampton. Photo by Deshawn Morris

Heading into the fourth quarter, the Phantoms tried to spark a comeback.

Briona McClain for the Spartans was a force to be reckoned with on the boards and converted many points to keep the Spartans ahead of the Phantoms. The final score was 64-57.

“Historically the women’s basketball program hasn’t had a team in two years,” Grant said. “So, by the fact that we are able to start and finish a season, I think we are exceeding everyone’s expectations. We also have a couple wins under
our belt.”

The Phantoms lost their next home game on Jan. 28, but won their final game against Harrisburg Community College 65-7.

The Phantoms matched the program’s single-season record for wins since joining the NJCAA.

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