Low or high, watch our Eagles fly

By Victoria Lavelle

The Philadelphia Eagles are exactly what their record reflects.

With only a month left, the Philadelphia Eagles have had a disappointing season thus far.

For Eagles fans, the year has been full of ups and downs with plenty of injuries along the way.

The highs have been extremely high, while the lows have seen the bottom drop out of them.

First-half leads have been hard to come by this year, as the team has trailed by double digits in the majority of the season.

Additionally, the Eagles’ wide receivers have given Wentz close to nothing throughout the season, outside of DeSean Jackson’s dominant Week 1.

In recent weeks, much of the team’s success is credited to the defense, which is starting to go full throttle.

Meanwhile, too many games this year became 4th quarter nail-biters that turned into a slow painful death.

Philadelphia took a steep nosedive in Arlington, Texas, as the Dallas debacle left many Eagles fans dumbfounded and wounded. By far, it was one of the most humiliating losses in franchise history.

Still, if the Eagles plan to redeem themselves, then they best get themselves together fast. The remainder of the season now comes down to a string of back-to-back division games in December that are must-wins for Philadelphia.

Since the Eagles fell to the New England Patriots, the Cowboys control the NFC East.

That means it’s going to be a bloodbath on Dec. 22 when the Cowboys visit the Linc.

Did someone say “sweet redemption?”

The second biggest disappointment of the 2019 Philadelphia Eagles season has been Carson Wentz, as he is exactly what the Eagles’ record says he is.

There’s no denying that Wentz is a talented quarterback. His ability to escape from a pass rush or to deliver the ball accurately, regardless of the way his body is positioned, is praiseworthy.

Still, Wentz has struggled with his overall performance, or lack thereof, as the franchise-starting quarterback.

This season, Wentz’s passing numbers have been mediocre, and his turnovers have crippled the team.

Moreover, Wentz hasn’t performed consistently at an elite level this season.

Over his career, Wentz is a 26-21 quarterback, yet in the past two seasons, Wentz has fallen to an 8-10 quarterback.

Did someone say “Nick Foles?”

But Foles hasn’t had much better luck in Jacksonville, as he suffered a broken collarbone during his debut with the Jaguars on Sept. 7.

Yet, it’s not likely he would have suffered any fractures had he stayed put in Philadelphia.

Most fans want to know if the Philadelphia Eagles are going to make it to the post-season playoffs this year.

That remains to be seen.

With the news that DeSean Jackson’s core muscle surgery will keep him off the field until at least the playoffs, how will the team fare without him?

Year after year, the Eagles tend to be one of the more injury-prone teams in the NFL. Unfortunately, this season is no different. Coming out of the bye week, the Eagles were more banged-up than years past.

Though, if history is a foreshadow for the future, then one could predict that the Eagles are not likely to make it into the Super Bowl this year.

That’s because the three Super Bowl appearances by the Philadelphia Eagles were birthed from seasons when they had already clinched the NFL East Championship in early December.

That hasn’t happened this year, so perhaps it’s an indication of what’s yet to come.

Nevertheless, there are folks that will say, “Never say never!”

Truth be told, there is still a little hope left in the season for Philly fans to cling to.

For the Philadelphia Eagles fan, any glimmer of hope is better than none.

There is still plenty of reason to keep the tailgate grills lit and the beer
stocked in the cooler.

That’s because the Eagles still have a rematch against the Cowboys scheduled on the calendar in just a few short weeks to be held in Philadelphia.

Since Cowboys fans are among the most annoying in all of professional sports, the Eagles must redeem themselves with a win over Dallas on Dec. 22.

After all, what better holiday gift to put under the Christmas tree this year than a Dallas Cowboy “ass-whooping” by our beloved Philadelphia Eagles.

Fly Eagles Fly!

Contact Victoria Lavelle at communitarian@mail.dccc.edu

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