Mr. Robot returns for final season on USA Network

By Victoria Lavelle

Mr. Robot promo. Courtesy of USA Network

After a two-year hiatus, USA Network’s infamous computer hacker Mr. Robot finally returned for its fourth and final season on Oct. 6. Mr. Robot follows cyberhacker Elliot Anderson, as he attempts to topple the company Evil Corp. with the assistance of his alter-ego and split
personality [Mr. Robot].

Creator Sam Esmail still has some surprises left in the final season of the show, including a third identity and personality that neither Mr. Robot nor Elliot are aware of that could be Elliot’s ‘God mode’ persona, controlled by the dominating wicked force of Whiterose.

This year’s premiere of Mr. Robot was the launch of a 13-episode season that is bound to surprise and entertain audiences. It is set to be the longest season to date, trumping the second
season’s 12 shows.

The groundbreaking cyberthriller gained notoriety and fame when it first debuted on USA Network in June 2015. Mr. Robot has been a hit for the network ever since, according to
Hollywood Insider.

Mr. Robot stars actors Rami Malek and Christian Slater who have received numerous award nominations, including a 2016 Emmy Award for Best Actor for Malek. The show earned two
Golden Globes in its first season alone.

Could Mr. Robot be coming to an end? (Photo courtesy of Desiree Navarro/WireImage)

According to Entertainment Weekly, Mr. Robot became a pop culture sensation, gaining critical
acclaim and becoming one of USA’s highest rated show among the younger demographic.

Mr. Robot has recently moved from Wednesday to Sunday evenings. The cyber drama is now going up against the NFL with Sunday Night Football and The Walking Dead.

Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped Mr. Robot from regaining audiences this season. In fact, the audience score by Rotten Tomatoes was at 95 percent following the season four kickoff.

Whether you’ve been a Mr. Robot fan from the start, been binge watching the show on Amazon Prime, or just want to see more of Oscar winner Rami Malek, you should plan on watching what is promised to be an epic final season.

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