DCCC welcomes new director of Wellness, Athletics, and Recreation

By Mike Hamill

Sara Steinman posing outside her office located in the DCCC
Student Center. Photo courtesy Sara Steinman

On June 3, the College hired Sara Steinman to be the new director of Wellness, Athletics, and Recreation.

Steinman, who is from Springfield, NJ, will oversee the programs and activities related to intercollegiate athletics, intramurals, sports clubs, recreation and wellness. She will also supervise the College’s Fitness Center.

Steinman graduated from Kean University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Health and Physical Education. In 2014, Steinman graduated from East Stroudsburg University with a Master of Science in Sport Management.

According to a June 13th memo released by the college, Steinman previously “held several positions over a 10-year span at Moravian College in Bethlehem.

These positions varied from director of Student Involvement, assistant athletic director, director of Intramurals/Coordinator of Wellness Activities, and assistant coach of the Women’s Basketball team.”

Steinman was a member of the Moravian College Women’s Basketball team from 2004-2006, and served as an assistant coach with the program from 2009-2015.

As a point guard, Steinman was an integral member of the team that received an NCAA bid in 2006, according to the Moravian College staff information page.

Administrator of Tomorrow Award granted to Steinman on behalf of Moravian College which is presented to an undergraduate/graduate student, intern or volunteer who aspires to a career in intercollegiate athletics and recognizes involvement and a leadership role on campus. Photo by Michael Hamill

In 2006, Steinman transferred to Kean University and joined the softball team. She had a very successful career at Kean as a second baseman.

Steinman led the team to the NCAA tournament, advancing to the regionals in 2008. Steinman currently holds the record for doubles and home runs in a single season, as well as the career mark for
home runs.

I recently sat down with Steinman to learn more about her vision for DCCC athletic programs.

Q: What do you look forward to the most here at DCCC?

A: Working with students both in the classroom and on the field, helping them to prepare for sports and class and hopefully setting them up for further success for their lives after college.

I also look forward to the potential to grow the sports program here and build the teams and help the athletic program to grow.

Q: Are there any challenges you have faced in previous positions? If so, what were they and how were you able to overcome them?

A: Yes, I’ve been working for over 10 years, so there were some challenges.

The biggest challenge that allowed me to grow as a professional was shifting from an intern position to a full-time position and gaining respect from the other people in the Athletic Department that had been there for 20 to 30 years.

People who only saw me as a young, right-out-of-college intern and didn’t have the respect for me as a colleague and professional, therefore gaining their respect took some time.

When I became an assistant athletic director, I was in a position where I was telling people what to do or asking them to do certain things. I overcame these challenges by putting my head down and working hard to show them I deserve their respect because I was capable of doing the work and I could be a valuable asset if they worked with me and utilized me to the best of my abilities.

Q: Why did you choose to work at a community college?

A: I usually worked in higher education because I cherish the opportunity to connect with students and assist them in their journey of personal and professional growth.

This opportunity at community college was able to allow me to do what I love and have the opportunity to get to know students and help them navigate their college experience and assist them in what comes after college whether it be pursuing a career or graduating and moving onto a four-year college, or continuing their athletic careers.

The ability to make an impact on student-athletes every day is what drove me to come to a community college.

Q: What are your expectations here at DCCC, for yourself and the programs?

A: I expect to start having expansion within the recruiting efforts for more athletes, as well as expanding on students having successful times in class and being a positive member on campus.

Q: Can you expand on what you mean by student success? What do you look for in the students/athletes?

A: To expand on more diverse groups in intramural and recreation. Make more sports clubs and recreation. Making a sports league/tournament for those not on the school’s teams.

Try and get as many students involved, even if it means not playing on a team. Creating clubs and even jobs.

If students come to me with interests or new ideas to try and be involved, I will try my best to expand the programs and create bigger and better opportunities for students to thrive in the school environment.

Q: What are the current sports teams here at DCCC? Do you plan on expanding the sports program?

A: Currently we offer men’s soccer, basketball, baseball as well as women’s cross country, basketball, track & field.

We also offer golf and I hope to expand on our sport offerings, especially by adding an additional women’s sport. Prior to adding sports, I would like to gauge where our interest lies.

I want to add Esports, a competition involving the use of video games, as a varsity program. The NJCAA just announced they will be recognizing Esports as an official sport, so I feel as though Esports will be successful here at DCCC and I would like to explore further.

Q: What do you look for in students who aren’t athletic?

A: I’m looking for other students to be innovative. Students who want to try new things or create new things. I expect students to try and branch out and be active within the college.

Q: What is your main focus in your new position here at DCCC?

A: My main focus is to support students in class and in activities. Working with them in intramural and recreational activities. I also want to promote health and wellness through the school.

Contact Mike Hamill at communitarian@mail.dccc.edu

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